by The Heart Pills

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released February 9, 2014



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Track Name: Concrete
Well you were poppin' paint pills
While I was chewin' concrete
The Sheriff's killing bus drivers
Gone crazy in this hell's heat

The architects are screaming
At every building they meet
The covers are all gone
Keep crying out with cold feet

The sheriff danced at gun point
While you just laughed and grinned
The guitar on the juke box
Was tearing threw my skin

The Police at the front door
were bangin' their way in
And your dress
Was paper thin

And if they all burn then where will I be?
If Christ comes for you, then who's gonna save me?
I saw Elvis last night with Peter Lorre
They put a show on for free

Well Charlie Chugs Gasoline
He says it doesn't taste right
He misses all the lead he says
Anybody got a light?

He says he misses Mary too
Morbid as a gun
Dark and sleek and clean
She is my only one
Track Name: Cowboy
She calls herself a cowboy
She’s in love with racists
She’s got a tramp stamp of a map of the confederacy

She’s in love with Tony
An Italian Cowboy
Said he was in Spaghetti Westerns back in ’73

He says he knows Clint Eastwood
She really believes him
she says I really believe in anything you say to me

She says please Tony kiss me!
Like you did in that one scene
Like you did with that one girl

And he says babe ya know I love you
Well I told you so at least twice
But I only feel in the movies
That I watch everynight
And I'll never kiss you like that
Without stage lights
And the shot cropped in tight

He calls himself a scientist
He's in love with science
His metric mind is made of glass and fire
He thinks he can find god if
He calibrates the right lenses
in a sterile environment
With optimum temperature

Through a microscope
Or a telescope
Or a stethoscope
Or a Kaleidoscope
Or through Mom's hope
Or through my dope
Or through the Pope
Nope Nope
Track Name: Mississippi Johnny
Mississippi John was a good man
They all tipped their hats when he rolled in
He did everything that he should man
He swore he’d never let the devil win

He was out one night he got a sun tan
He swore to god the moon was after him
He shouted to the sky “I’m a good man”
Thought God was coming for all dirty sin

Yeah Christ is coming

The green men said “we ain’t ghosts Bill”
One said “but that’s not Bill, this ones John"
They turned around to see where ol' Billy went
but he killed the operator and was long long gone

Well the little green men scratched their heads and said,
"You are good, but he was mean."
One of them looked pretty upset
One of them gestured obscene!

Johnny wondered what the hell they wanted
they sucked his body into silver disc
they were not content with the outsides
they needed an inside frisk!

They wanted to know what made a good man smile
There were rumors about man’s heart
They wondered what made Billy Crocodile
How so mean could be so smart?

Well bill’s trail was still hot when he beamed back
and they didn’t cut him up too bad
They wanted to find out what made us all tick but in the end they were Glad they never had
Track Name: Fiddler Diddler
Well my cousin got caught getting diddled by a fiddler
Who was paying her some money just to sit on his knee
Lydia we called her ‘til she vanished from the alter,
On the day she was to wed the holy trinity

Oh god dear lord! Where could she be?
Plucking all the chickens, putting out for free
She took the last apple off the last apple tree
The devil loved her more than he ever loved Eve

She was a sad case
you could it in her face
her daddy couldn’t keep her from the leather and lace

She loved a man of cards only scorn for the lords,
Her boys needed aces and laces to get hard
Oh god dear shit lord where could she be?
Pluckin all the chickens, drinkin China Tea
She took the last apple off the last apple tree,
The devil loves her more than he ever loved Eve

Well I like nice things
Wind up birds that sing
And diamond rings

Well my dreams came true and I finally got my wish
She gave it to me gently, yeah it started with a kiss
Just a year later, well we both got syphilis
And we died holdin’ aces floatin down the ol’ Miss

Oh god dear lord what a time she had with me
floatin on a card barge, drifting out to sea
Old Saint Peter let her in but didn’t let me
Well Hell’s a lot colder than I thought that it would be
I said the Devil loves her more that he ever loved eve
Track Name: Cabaret Lady
Leave your wife with scorn on her face
Come on down to Cindy-Lou's Place
We've the cards booze and refer
Loose lipped ladies, special feature!

Go right home and get the money
Behind door 1's a tasseled honey
We've got the cards we've got the whiskey
Throw some cash if you're feelin' frisky!

Well One Tit Tina needs a tissue
First time's free, she's standard issue
Hold your drink, don't catch a mickey
Fingers here are pretty sticky!
Track Name: Mermaid Song
Well I once loved a mermaid
she wouldn't stay with me
She gave up legs,
and cigarettes
and dove into the sea

And we’re all by ourself
Once again

I found a normal lady
With no fins or gills
for what she lacked in conscience
She  made up for in thrills

Well I finally found somebody
We got along just right
With pocket prayers
And cowboy dares
And TV glow at night

She used to say she loved me, and I said I loved her too
I think that we were happy, I think she’d say so too

But one of us got sick
And then one of us died
A stranger wipes my wrinkled ass
And rolls me to my side

Well ya know, I think I can find it
In this electric bed
I can see you
here with me
the teenage movie in my head
Track Name: Gunfighter
I shot a man, I shot him dead
I put a bullet in his head
I pulled the trigger as he fled
I shot a man, I shot him dead

I loved a man and we were wed
I brought him back into my bed
He lay with me, the sheets turned red
I loved a man and we were wed

I woke at Reveille
With only memories
The sound of revelry
Broke my Reverie

I found that man’s black thoroughbred
Outside a house most spirited
He’d chosen looser girls instead
I stole my man’s black thoroughbred

It was demon steed
my gun was soon with me
I hardly heard them plead
That man and the woman on his knee

Good by darling, good by my dear

I loved a man and we were wed
I found him in another’s bed
I pulled the trigger as he fled
I shot my man, I shot him dead.
Track Name: Western Song
Darling, won't you kiss me?
Once for good luck
So the the sand won't kiss my knees

Darlin' I will miss thee
If the street stones
Drink the red life out of me

Well Black Shot Billy
Shot my Pappy
and he thinks that he's free
forever be

Well I've been aiming
At rotten figs and apples
And his head looks ripe to me

He'll be on the next train
the following Monday
and the night stage
Will bring him right to me

I see the sunset cryin'
The pale moon is sighing
As he climbs up
with cosmic apathy

Well I shot him ten times now
In the last week
And it seems
He's a little bit sore at me

ENTER: Black Shot Billy

I ran to the street
Where we were to meet
Followed the red trail
that lead me 'round the store

It stopped abruptly
And I ran straight home
And he was lying
Stretched out to my door

Though I never loved him
I forced a tear to my eye
I knew he would die
At only twenty three

Well years gone by now
And I'm alone somehow
There ain't nobody
Having gunfights over me.