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released October 20, 2009

Matt Haapala-drums and vox. Sarah Bodeau-- keys and vox. Silas Thompson -Bass and vox, Ben Lester- keys on HSH, and Jane and Dave Live



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Track Name: Hacksaw Harry(Live)
Hacksaw Harry caught hell and hanging
clanging pipes and the rigging banging
waving water and the full moon waning
he prays
to guiltless metal

Morbid Mary didn't bleed in June
sin's tune sung by the checkered loon
a cutter since ten the boys never did swoon
till Hacksaw
took her swimming

Well Hacksaw never pushed her head down
like all the other boys in town
and when Mary's momma was not around
he'd build her castles in the cold ground

and now the sailors are in town
wanted to pass Morbid Mary around
but this time Hacksaw stood his ground
cut three of them down

and the wrapped the rope around
and his feet they left the ground
and the wrapped the rope around
and his feet they left the ground
well I'm twenty years old now

You killed my father, and you shamed my mother
and there is no other
to hold me through
so mark the bad in the good of you
and pray it's gone fore' I"m through with you
even God won't know what to do with you
in the state I'll leave you in
your sin