Mississippi Johnny

from by The Heart Pills



Mississippi John was a good man
They all tipped their hats when he rolled in
He did everything that he should man
He swore he’d never let the devil win

He was out one night he got a sun tan
He swore to god the moon was after him
He shouted to the sky “I’m a good man”
Thought God was coming for all dirty sin

Yeah Christ is coming

The green men said “we ain’t ghosts Bill”
One said “but that’s not Bill, this ones John"
They turned around to see where ol' Billy went
but he killed the operator and was long long gone

Well the little green men scratched their heads and said,
"You are good, but he was mean."
One of them looked pretty upset
One of them gestured obscene!

Johnny wondered what the hell they wanted
they sucked his body into silver disc
they were not content with the outsides
they needed an inside frisk!

They wanted to know what made a good man smile
There were rumors about man’s heart
They wondered what made Billy Crocodile
How so mean could be so smart?

Well bill’s trail was still hot when he beamed back
and they didn’t cut him up too bad
They wanted to find out what made us all tick but in the end they were Glad they never had


from GUNFIGHTER, released February 9, 2014