Mermaid Song

from by The Heart Pills



Well I once loved a mermaid
she wouldn't stay with me
She gave up legs,
and cigarettes
and dove into the sea

And we’re all by ourself
Once again

I found a normal lady
With no fins or gills
for what she lacked in conscience
She  made up for in thrills

Well I finally found somebody
We got along just right
With pocket prayers
And cowboy dares
And TV glow at night

She used to say she loved me, and I said I loved her too
I think that we were happy, I think she’d say so too

But one of us got sick
And then one of us died
A stranger wipes my wrinkled ass
And rolls me to my side

Well ya know, I think I can find it
In this electric bed
I can see you
here with me
the teenage movie in my head


from GUNFIGHTER, released February 9, 2014