Bus Ride

by The Heart Pills

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This is a free single off of our upcoming album, as well as a true story.


There's a fat man, his face is grim, he's talking to himself but looking at him as he rumbles to a stop for a smoke, a leak and a stretch.

Well she had 34 dollars to her name she wasn't very pretty, she wasn't very plain her face pressed against, the tinted window pane

And the man next to her was playing air guitar to Boston's Greatest Hits and a mix of the Cars and a couple's in the aisle, licking each others' collar bones.

A woman screams at her kids and starts to cuss.
I just need to get off of this bus.

He stares at the girl in the window pane
says "please tell me the first letter of your name"
She lies, and says "oh but what's all the fuss?
I just need to get off of this bus"

Well he taught her to smile, and she taught him to smoke. And together they realized life's just a long boring joke. So she smiles, with her crooked grin, and winks, with her crooked eye, and grinds her crooked teeth, and lets out a crooked sigh as she looks at the couple in the back, lets her hair down throws a Dramamine back, she says "let's lick each others' collar bones... and never look back."

La la, da da papa dada mama wahwah blah blah blah blah



released August 2, 2011



all rights reserved