Western Song

from by The Heart Pills



Darling, won't you kiss me?
Once for good luck
So the the sand won't kiss my knees

Darlin' I will miss thee
If the street stones
Drink the red life out of me

Well Black Shot Billy
Shot my Pappy
and he thinks that he's free
forever be

Well I've been aiming
At rotten figs and apples
And his head looks ripe to me

He'll be on the next train
the following Monday
and the night stage
Will bring him right to me

I see the sunset cryin'
The pale moon is sighing
As he climbs up
with cosmic apathy

Well I shot him ten times now
In the last week
And it seems
He's a little bit sore at me

ENTER: Black Shot Billy

I ran to the street
Where we were to meet
Followed the red trail
that lead me 'round the store

It stopped abruptly
And I ran straight home
And he was lying
Stretched out to my door

Though I never loved him
I forced a tear to my eye
I knew he would die
At only twenty three

Well years gone by now
And I'm alone somehow
There ain't nobody
Having gunfights over me.


from GUNFIGHTER, released February 9, 2014