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All songs written performed and recorded by Josh Ingersoll sans Driver's Side Door which was written by Josh and Co-recorded, produced, and performed with Ben Lester on Key's and Drums. Full band recordings will eventually become available.


released October 24, 2009



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Track Name: Jane and Dave(Got depraved in the shade)
Jane and Dave got depraved in the Shade. Wearing that dress her momma made, it didn't take long for her to cave no, Jane and Dave got depraved in the shade. Jane laid Lane in the pouring down rain. He said she tasted like the sweetest sugar cane. La la la dadadada, well I'm so, so, sorry, you never ever came.

She says I need to bite your fingers. I need to touch your brain. I need to comb your hair and I, need to shave your mane. I need to spin in circles a thousand times in vain, and then I will go insane Lane.
Track Name: The Drive By
Well let's get drunk and say I love you. Say forever I don't care. Let's get drunk and kiss our brothers, hug our best friends and cut our hair.

Well I won't objectify you baby, if you would just objectify me. Say you only love me cus I'm handsome, I'll say I only love you, for your personality.

Well time won't tell, and time won't heal, you grab the shotgun, I'll grab the wheel

Let's gun down the Easter Bunny. Let's gun down old Santa Claus. Let's get rid of all the liars, parking cops, and marriage laws.

Say you only love me cause I'm handsome. I'll say I only love you cause you're smart. Come on baby tell me all your secrets, I'll be the stint inside your heart.

Come on baby start a rock and roll band with me, sloppy tongue kisses until dawn. Buy and old car and drive around forever, singing our favorite song.
Track Name: Driver's Side Door
I went down, to my friends house. It was his birthday, happy birthday, to you. He blew out the candles now what'd you wish for? It was his birthday he smiled and said: My wish came true.

Cause even though I'm 17 I still feel like sixteen. Now's only one day later than before. Sixteens got promises and roads never ending. The first time you use that driver's side door.

Well I went down, to register, to vote and the draft it was my birthday. Happy. Birthday. I bought some ministrawberryflavoredcigarsformyfreinds they said: look at me, does this look cool?

Well now I'm 19 it's not my birthday who cares about birthdays I don't. I hugged my mom and my dad I was crying like a baby so were they. Greyhound goodbye. My dad says: Seems like yesterday you were just a baby. Man those years sure did fly. I said don't cry dad I'm not a day over sixteen. I hope I didn't lie.
Track Name: Sidewalk Josie
Sidewalk Josie sits on the BLVD.
Shuffling Wall Drug souvenir cards.
Dealing hands to the gutter and to Sweet Janey's sister.
I said: Where are your parents?
She showed me a magazine picture.

Anybody hear about Mary's brother?
Supposed to ship back home sometime last spring.
Poor poor Mary and his poor poor mother.
The neighbor girl still wears his promise ring.

Sittin butt naked on a lumpy futton
Record player just skipped through my favorite song.
Ya know I'm so god damned cynically optimistic.
I cut my finger. Won't you please please kiss it.

Talking on her cell phone talkin to her boyfriend
Earbuds in, thinking bout drinking on the weekend
California winter, 60 degrees.
Thank god for fake fur
and thank god, for fake, tanneries.
Track Name: Country Song
My father was a gambler, a killer and a spy
My momma did some whorin' with one leg and one eye
Her breast milk smelled like whiskey, her kisses cherry wine
At six years old I shot a man, and didn't even cry.
Well I know my parents loved me, until the day they died.
My father tied my mother, to the train tracks late one night.
And as she lay there crying, out of her one eye.
She kicked him with her good leg, and he fell by her side.
Well the train came a roaring, hit two bumps and rolled on by.
The same could happen to us babe, if we aim a little too high.

Well ya know, that old freight train don't stop here anymore.
And the doctor told us last week you still shouldn't be this sore
And I know I said I loved you but I've pitched that lie before, play it once more.