from by The Heart Pills



She calls herself a cowboy
She’s in love with racists
She’s got a tramp stamp of a map of the confederacy

She’s in love with Tony
An Italian Cowboy
Said he was in Spaghetti Westerns back in ’73

He says he knows Clint Eastwood
She really believes him
she says I really believe in anything you say to me

She says please Tony kiss me!
Like you did in that one scene
Like you did with that one girl

And he says babe ya know I love you
Well I told you so at least twice
But I only feel in the movies
That I watch everynight
And I'll never kiss you like that
Without stage lights
And the shot cropped in tight

He calls himself a scientist
He's in love with science
His metric mind is made of glass and fire
He thinks he can find god if
He calibrates the right lenses
in a sterile environment
With optimum temperature

Through a microscope
Or a telescope
Or a stethoscope
Or a Kaleidoscope
Or through Mom's hope
Or through my dope
Or through the Pope
Nope Nope


from GUNFIGHTER, released February 9, 2014



all rights reserved